Mint your Immutable X collection

A minting service and application for NFT collection on the Immutable X network.

Minting on Immutable X

Minting of NFTs on Immutable X is different than on other networks. Mainly, because it does not use smart contacts. Instead minting is done by sending a signed minting request to the Immutable X API.
We help you implementing all three steps securely.
Start mint process
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Signed by the collection owner
Minting request is validated and signed by the owner of the smart contract. As an owner of a collection you should check that everything is in order and only then pass the signed request to the Immutable X.
Confirm by the Immutable X
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Sounds simple, where is the catch?

Private key leak
The most straightforward is to sign mint requests in the browser. However, this exposes private key of your collection deployer and therefore allows a bad player to dig in the website source and abuse it to steal your funds.
Custom signing script
So instead you need to develop a backend service that does the signing safely and securely. But do you trust that a custom script is going to work without any issues on the launch day? This would be the first time it had to deal with higher traffic, so I wouldn't.
Minting service
Those are the reasons why we decided to create a battle tested minting service for you!
No developer needed
Our goal is to abstract NFT minting process so that you don't need a Web3 developer to launch your project.
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Versatile System for all kinds of projects

Customize minting process to match your audience needs.
Schedule your mint
Plan multiple phases of minting in advance. For example a private mint for whitelisted users followed by a public sale for everyone.
Limit access
Set limits on number of mints, list allowed wallets.
Configure royalties
Easily configure distribution of funds aquired from primary sale and royalties from sales on secondary market.
Test network
Test that everything works as expected in a test environment.
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Easily integrate into any website

Our service supports many integration methods to match any kind of website.
React component
The most feature packed integration we provide is a React component that you can easily include into your static website.
CMS plugins
We have prepared plugins for several CMS systems like Bubble and Wordpress. Just install them.
Raw usage
We publish javascript libraries bundled with all requirements for easy native usage.

Simple, transparent pricing

Pricing Plans

Minting service

0.4 ETH

per collection
Mint a single collection. Ideal for individual artists.
UI to configure minting
Tested minting service
Ethereum smart contract
React integration
Javascript bundled integration


1.2 ETH

one time
Mint as many collections as you want. Ideal for freelancers.
Mint any amount of collections
Use the minting service to launch collections for your customers
Professional technical support
Pay only once, use as needed

Launch a project

2.0 ETH

per project
Full support for your project. May include several collections.
Ethereum smart contract
Cross-chain compatible collection
Configure mint service
Register collection on the Immutable X
Upload assets to an IPFS

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